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Our Good Father

"Seeing God Through the Eyes of Jesus"


Who Knows God Better Than Jesus?

Jesus said, “No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son”. He went on to give one exception, “and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.”

If you desire a revelation of God the Father, you only have one thing you need to do, listen to his son Jesus. Our Good Father takes the words of Jesus to bring a fresh understanding to the person of God the Father. Through the use of personal stories, analogies and humor, Our Good Father uses the words of Jesus to paint a picture of the true nature of God.

Insightful, illuminating and thoroughly thought-provoking, Our Good Father will grab your attention from the first page and won’t let go. Be prepared to question your perceptions about God, as you get to know the true Father as seen through the eyes of Jesus. A delightful sense of humor and engaging style of writing make this book not only thought provoking, but inspiring and entertaining as well.

–Pierre M. Eade

What Christian Leaders are saying about Our Good Father

Nick-APierre Eade speaks with wisdom and clarity. This book is concise, yet full of deep insight. Pierre uses metaphors, illustrations, and stories seamlessly to articulate each point.  Each chapter ends with questions & meditations, making this a great resource for individuals as well as small groups. Whether you have been a Christian for years, have just started your journey with Christ, or are not quite sure what you believe, this book is for you; it will make you laugh, encourage you, and help you to grow in your understanding of God the Father.

– Nick Agazarian, Youth Pastor

dave-armstrongI love the premise of this book: Let Jesus, who knows Him best, tell you what the Father is like. After all, He can reveal the Father like no one else. Written in a down to earth, easy to read, and well-illustrated style, this book will help you to appreciate afresh our Good Father. If you are a man with a father wound, this book will help you find healing in the Father’s love.

–Dave Armstrong, Man in the Mirror, Area Director

Pierre Eade has the capacity to take the complicated and convoluted and express in simple yet profound words. Our Good Father helps unveil the love of God seen through the eyes of Jesus.  Pierre’s writing will awaken your imagination and stir your soul.  Be aware his observations of Good Father could cut right through old baggage and misperceptions.

– Philip McVay, Lead Pastor, Shalimar UMC

Chris MPierre does an excellent job of bringing the reader on a journey of discovery alongside with him, in his new book Our Good Father. Discovering the truth of who God our Father is as revealed to us by Jesus Christ is one of the most important teachings in the Bible, and Pierre does an amazing job of explaining profound truths in a simple and understandable way. God’s heart is revealed in this book, a must read!

– Chris Mirrlees, Lead Pastor, Author of The Balanced Approach to Healing

Jared StumpLike Pierre, I grew up in church and knew God as Savior, but not as Father. With so many poor examples of fathers in our world today, this can be a difficult concept to grasp, but those who do will be forever changed. I love the way Our Good Father blends Scripture, rich theology, and personal stories into a highly readable text. Join Pierre as he takes you on a journey into the father heart of God

– Jared Stump, Founder of Living from the Heart Ministries; Author of Creation & Redemption: Finding Your Place in a Fallen World

LeeAn astonishingly great book by an amazing emerging writer, Our Good Father by Pierre Eade grips the reader with personal bare-your-soul illustrations and applications and embraces the reader with the wonderful reality and presence of our gracious and wonderful Father God. Especially helpful are the group discussions following each chapter that makes this an excellent study for small groups and classes. As an educator, I grade this book a 100 out of 100!

– Dr. Lee Simmons, International Director, Missio Global Ministries

Tom EThe experiences we have with our earthly fathers deeply inform our understanding of our Heavenly Father.  Pierre Eade bridges the gap for a generation of Americans that seem to be distant from both.  Like a conversation with an old friend, Our Good Father is an essential guide that reintroduces God the Father with comfort and clarity.  We can all learn from this book.

– Tom Ebersole, Senior Pastor, Wayne UMC

Kevin KitaOur Good Father will help anyone strengthen their relationship and understand their relationship with God better on their own personal spiritual journey. There are heartfelt personal stories that will help anyone connect much closer to God. This book also brings up questions that we should all be asking ourselves about our relationship with God.

– Dr. Kevin Kita, Chiropractor, Speaker, Author of Healing Journeys

Esther MillsPierre takes a closer look at what ails all of our aching hearts.   Our first source of love comes from our parents. Many of us have been hurt and pained by our earthly father and transfer these hurt feelings onto God never giving God a chance to prove himself.   Pierre takes one on a journey from our disappointed father experience to an exquisite relationship with a perfect father who loves, provides and protects us.

– Esther Mills, MA, LAC, BSC, Christian Counselor

Chris FrancisWhat a beautiful and refreshing portrait of God the Father. This insightful, easy-to-read and biblical book will capture  — or re-capture — your faith in His extravagant love for you.

– Chris Francis, Pastor of True Life Church

I read few books that I find so beneficial not only to myself but also to fellow Christians as well as unchurched friends. I really appreciated the premise of getting to know our Heavenly Father through His Son. This book addressed the topic of the father wound with sensitivity and points us to our Heavenly Father as a perfect Father. We are reminded that we no longer need to be defined by our earthly father but, as God's children, we are now defined by Our Good Father who loves and accepts us unconditionally. This is a message we all need to hear. I personally appreciate that Pierre has given us a great resource in assisting us in the pursuit of our most important relationship. I also love the epilogue which encourages additional study.

– Joel W. Fiscus,  VP of Field Staff and Ministry to Men, Christian Service Brigades Ministries

Our Good Father - Available September 2017

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Our Good Father

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