Christmas in Plain English

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I celebrated Christmas for many years before I ever understood the true meaning of Christmas.  You may find yourself in the Christmas rush of buying gifts, baking (and eating) cookies, making your home look festive, putting up Christmas lights and trees. You know the drill.  Yet, have you taken a few moments with no distractions to contemplate the reason for this season?

Now that I understand the meaning of this holiday better, I want to explain it in plain English for you to contemplate, meditate on and experience for yourself, but also to share with others.

How the Story Began

The world around you is not an accident. It was created by an all loving and all powerful God. He is not only real, He is reality. He created this beautiful world as an artist creates a painting, with vision, inspiration, hope and joy.  When He finished his work, He thought, “This is awesome, but it is not complete. I must create someone else to enjoy this amazing creation of mine.”

God wanted to create someone like himself who could feel, think, believe, dream and experience life as He does. In enters man.  God created humankind to enjoy this wonderful creation of his and to experience love with one another.  Love is God’s ultimate and highest rule.  It is superseded by no other governing law.

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The Grand Rebellion

But the humans God created decided to rebel against the God of love and do life their own way.  They cheated, lied, hated, and cursed God and one another.  They rebelled against the God of love as a teenager does against a loving parent.  You and I are part of that rebellion.  All of us have broken God’s law of love. No one is innocent. (Romans 3:23)

As the ultimate just Being of the Universe, God had no choice but to punish the disobedience of his children.  Every broken law has a consequence and for the breaking of God’s law of love, God’s consequences were severe and definitive.  All rebellion was made punishable by death.  Humans would not live forever, but die physically. Not only would they suffer physical death, they would suffer spiritual and eternal death being separated from the God of love for eternity.

God created humankind to enjoy the earth, to enjoy Him and to enjoy life.  Now their rebellion had ruined the whole plan and the whole world was headed to hell in a handbasket.  God had to make a plan to rescue these humans from their own stupidity and self-destruction.

A Plan To Redeem

As a Good Father, God knew that his children were at the mercy of his loving rescue.  So He talked with his Son Jesus and together they conspired a plan to win back the children they had lost.  Jesus would himself become a human.  He would be born into a family, take on human flesh and live among the people God had created.

Jesus would teach humans how to love, not just by his words, but by living a life of complete surrender and love to God.  He would show pure love to his fellow man and through the power of God bring physical, emotional, spiritual and relational healing to those he encountered. At the end of Jesus life, God would take the punishment that humankind deserved and transfer it onto Jesus.  Jesus would pay for the rebellion of all creation with his own flesh and blood.  He would take on the death penalty for the entire human race!

What is Christmas?

Christmas is the time in which we celebrate the great plan of God to enter human history, not by bolts of lightning and hailstorms, but by human birth.  God became a man.  That is worth repeating. God became a man.  And for such an epic story, we must celebrate, rejoice and marvel.

But the Christmas story does not end there.  It gets even better.  God offers the ultimate Christmas gift to each of his children. He promises to forgive, forget and wipe clean every rebellious act, thought, deed and motive of their hearts.  He promises to give us a new spiritual life both here and in eternity. He promises to restore our lives, make us whole and work to reprogram our minds from rebellion to love.

How Will You Respond?

Will you receive the greatest Christmas gift of all?  Welcome Jesus Christ into your life today.

Pray this prayer:

“Dear God, I am a rebellious child, wayward and fallen.  I have not loved you with my entire being.  I have not loved others with perfect love.  I have broken your law of love repeatedly.  I thank you God for not leaving me alone in my rebellion, but caring enough to send Jesus to rescue me.  I believe Jesus lived a life of complete and perfect love.  I believe He died for my sins.  I believe He defeated death and sin.

I believe You have the power to forgive me and make me a new person on the basis of Jesus’ death on the cross.  So God, right now, as an act of my will, I turn my life over to you.  I receive Jesus into my life.  I welcome your Spirit to infiltrate my entire being.  I turn from my rebellion and I turn to Your great and marvelous love.  I receive every good thing You have for me to receive into my life, right now and in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

Friend, if you have prayed this prayer, please tell someone else about your decision and share this message with your friends and family.  Christmas is about Jesus, let the whole world know. Amen.

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