Rooting for the Away Team

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This week I was blessed to go watch a Saint Bonaventure basketball game. St. Bonaventure is a university in my hometown of Olean, New York and anyone who grew up in Olean loves to root for the “Bonnies”. Since I don’t live near my hometown anymore, I rarely get to see a game, but this past week some friends from church gave me four tickets to watch them play a game closer to my current residence.

Contentment Versus Laziness

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A friend of the ministry wrote, “What is the difference between contentment and laziness?” I think there is a clear difference between genuine contentment, as prescribed in the Bible, and laziness which is denounced in God’s Word.

Respond to the Nudge of the Holy Spirit

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In the very moment of my salvation I had the thought, “How can I tell everyone on this plane about Jesus?” I became an instant evangelist! I never heard a compelling message on evangelism, I just felt the “nudge” within my heart. My thought process was simple – I have something amazing and I need to share it! (Tweet that!) If you are a child of God, I believe the Holy Spirit is actively, yes even daily, nudging you to do God’s work.

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