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This week I was blessed to go watch a Saint Bonaventure basketball game. St. Bonaventure is a university in my hometown of Olean, New York and anyone who grew up in Olean loves to root for the “Bonnies”. Since I don’t live near my hometown anymore, I rarely get to see a game, but this past week some friends from church gave me four tickets to watch them play a game closer to my current residence.

Christmas in Plain English

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I celebrated Christmas for many years before I ever understood the true meaning of Christmas. You may find yourself in the Christmas rush of buying gifts, baking (and eating) cookies, making your home look festive, putting up Christmas lights and trees. You know the drill. Yet, have you taken a few moments with no distractions to contemplate the reason for this season? Now that I understand the meaning of this holiday better, I want to explain it in plain English for you to contemplate, meditate on and experience for yourself. Here goes…

10 Non-Medicinal Keys to Beat Winter Blues and Depression

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Depression does not play favorites. Christians, pastors and ministers are not above this type of struggle. I’m sorry if this disappoints you, but we too are human! Certainly, God gives his children the power to overcome all things including “the black dog” of depression. At the same time, we do not always see that victory realized overnight. Here are 10 Non-Medicinal Keys to Beat Winter Blues and Depression.

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