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The other day I ran into the local convenience store to buy some milk for my family.  I came to the counter and a guy was there buying several types of lottery tickets.

Being the introvert that I am (Laugh!), I asked this stranger, “What would you do if you won all that money?”

He said, “I would buy my own island.”

“Cool.  Then what?” I inquired.

“I would spend the rest of my life there.”

“That’s good.  Then what?”, I asked with all sincerity.

“Well…” he thought. “I would die.”

“What would happen then?” I inquired.

“I would go to heaven or hell.” he responded almost without thought.

“Do you know where you would go?”  I questioned him knowing we were now moving from casual stranger-to-stranger conversation to a more intense dialogue.

Again almost reflective in nature, he responded, “No, I do not.”

“Can I tell you how to get to heaven?”  I inquired, testing his openness to hear the Gospel.  (I can only imagine what the clerk behind the counter was thinking as he overheard this conversation!)

We began to both walk out of the store together.  As we were going to our respective cars, I was able to clearly explain the Good News of Jesus to this man, how God loved him enough to send Jesus to die for his sins.  (John 3:16)  He listened respectfully and nodded his head showing he had some familiarity with the story of Jesus’ death on the cross.

We parted ways and a good seed was planted.  But the lesson behind this story is this:

Great Power Lies Behind Asking the Next Question!

So often in life, we run around making decisions about how we will spend our time, money and life without asking the simple question, “Then what?”.  At times we are burning ourselves out building our earthly kingdom or just trying to achieve the next goal in life without simply asking ourselves some good “What next?” and “Why?” questions.

Furthermore, when it comes to sharing our faith, we would be wise to take the approach of Jesus and instead of speaking all the time, to stop and ask them a good open ended question and then patiently listening to their response.

I’m curious, what thoughts does this story conjure up in your heart?


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